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Company name Koki material co., ltd.
Founded November 3, 1948
Capital \10,000,000-
Address 4-10-31, Shimmachi, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan
Phone +81-6-6531-2401
Fax +81-6-6535-1469
President CEO Hiroaki Inubushi
Main financing bank Mizuho Bank Yotsubashi Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Senba Branch
Resona Bank Osaka Nishi-ku Branch


Koki material co., ltd. was established in 1923 as a specialist in developing industrial products such as special elastomer plates, hoses, molded and processed products. Since even before WW2 we have engaged in diffusing water related products certified by Japan Water Works Association, such as various rubber rings for fitting cast iron pipes, rubber products for different valves, water meters, water shut-out gaskets, products indispensable for healthy and quality everyday life.
Recently we are making every endeavor to develop environment friendly products for the security and safety of the habitat and the people, such as fire-fighting standard precision rubber and rubber sensors, always employing new materials and technology reflected our know-how, which we have learned from our long experience. CEO    Inubushi Hiroaki


"Koki material" comprises of the following meaning:
   Ko: in Japanese character 工, means ingenuity
   Ki: in Japanese character 機, in 機会 chance、好機 opportunity
   Materials: Things needed for an activity. The matter from which a thing is or can be made. (Oxford dictionary)


1923 Koki Rubber Export Company was established
November 3, 1948 Koki Rubber Sales Office was established during post-war reconstruction period in 19, Minamidori 5-chome, Shinmachi, Nishi-ku Osaka.
March 1949 Became Distributor of Showa Rubber Co., Ltd. (currently, Showa Holdings Co., Ltd.) and Kureha Elastomer Industry Co., Ltd. (currently, Kureha Elastomer Co., Ltd.)
March 1950 Became Distributor of Tigers Rubber Co., Ltd. (Currently, Tigers Polymer Corporation).
August 1955 Established as Koki Rubber Co., Ltd. with capital of \ 2,000,000.
April 1973 Capital increased to ¥ 4,000,000
April 1981 Capital increased to ¥ 8,000,000
February 1985 Awarded by Osaka federation of Wholesale Association with a recommendation by Seibu Rubber Product wholesale industry Union
June 1985 Received a letter of appreciation from Mayor of Kobe
April 1992 Moved to the current address. Capital increased to 10 million yen
1998 Received a letter of appreciation from Governor of Osaka for our contribution to industrial development of the prefecture of Osaka.
June 2002 Changed the company name to the present Koki material co., ltd.
July 2004 Developed and commercialized Rubrax, acupressure tools.
December 2011 Brought out Rubrax Series with nail massage function.
April 2012 Participated in volunteer project "Walk to Tohoku disaster stricken area”.
July 2014 As we found a big international demand of Rubrax as JAPAN BRAND product, we started deploying overseas.